An Xbox Madden 13 Crappy League for Jerks

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It's time for Footbaw!

Welcome to Prestige Worldwide: A crappy xbox madden league for jerks. With the integration of connected careers in Madden 13, the players are now able to play a full developed online franchise. With the newest update, we will now be able to use fantasy draft!

Please visit our news page to see available teams and send us an email with your team choice if you would like to join.

Some leagues will call for serious players only, but I don't care if you are 'that guy' with no job who plays xbox all day, or you are total shit and lose every game by 35 points yet comes back every week for more abuse... As long as you follow the rules, welcome and have fun... unless you lose...

This is a Crappy League for Jerks! You may be a jerk, but don't play like one. Read the rules and follow them. Thanks.